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The best racing simulator


The most modern and driving game simulator of XD-Motion always collects the mass of the audience wishing to make extreme arrival at a steering wheel of a racing race car. The design of a new attraction of a format 5d – 6d allows to feel really abrupt turns, to feel all complexity of the route and roughness of a covering. An interactive car racing brings into indescribable delight without exception of all “pilots”. In some minutes a mobile platform with a convenient chair, the 47th inch 3D screen, special glasses and the tablet for management will help to excite blood and to receive a big share of adrenaline.

XD-Motion will become the excellent decision to start successful and profitable business. For an embodiment of the business of idea the businessman can choose one of those models of a simulator:

  • the basic. This type of an entertaining attraction has all main functions;
  • basic plus. Unlike the first complete set this look is supplied with more modern TV with pronounced effect 6D;
  • “business”. The game device is equipped with the most convenient chair, the most modern screen automated by a bill acceptor and the on-board computer with the fiscal registrar. Such XD-Motion allows the owner to collect statistical data, and to the user independently to choose a look and complexity of a race circuit, to participate in competitions.

Communicate managers of our company and learn how to buy an attraction with a considerable discount.

Tension of alternating current 220-230 V / 50 Hz
Current, no more 25 А
Power consumption (peak) 5.0 kW
Power consumption (nominal) 3.5 kW
Air temperature +10 – +40 С
Weight 400 kg
Basis dimeter 1800 mm
Width without lateral segments of the basis 1450 mm
Sitting height in a starting position 1930 mm
Height during the movement, no more 2800 mm
Safety zone dimeter, not less 2900 mm
Operation term 3 years


Attraction platform with lifting rods 1
Suspended cradle 1
The driver’s chair with a seat belt 1
Governing bodies of Logitech G27 Racing Wheel 1
Liquid crystal LG D screen = 47″ 1
Personal computer 1
Wi-Fi-point of TP-LINK TL-WR841ND of access 1
Wi-Fi-point of TP-LINK TL-MR3020 of access 1
Module of a control system of the Attraction 1
The MS8024/0,75/1500-B14 engine (0,75kvt, 1500 rpm) with a reducer of CM050U (i=15) of IEC80B14 +
enkoder of E40S6-1000-3-T-24
The MS8026/0,55/1000-B14 engine (0,55kvt, 1000 rpm) with a reducer of CM075U (i=60) of IEC80B14 +
enkoder of E40S6-1000-3-T-24
Frequency Gefran ADV50-2015-XBX-2MF converter 4
Power unit 24 volts 2
Set of automatic switches and contactor 1
Set of electric cables 1
Set of alarm cables 1
Set of assembly parts 1
Wireless keyboard and mouse 1
XD-MOTION operator guide 1
Technical data sheet of a product 1
Warranty card 1
Certificate of conformity 1
Rules of safe operation of the Attraction 1
Instruction on operation of the Attraction
Speaker system 5.1 1 By the individual order
Payment terminal 1 By the individual order
The operating tablet 1 By the individual order
Three ZhK of the D=27 screen’’ (instead of standard ZhK of the LG D screen = 47″) 1 By the individual order (for a complete set “XDMotion with three screens”)
Effect “Wind” + lamps “Stoplight” 1 By the individual order


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