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Space simulator of new generation

Space simulator of new generation of SPACE-Motion

What can be more fascinating, than a new modern attraction of virtual reality? Especially, if you are young and wish to feel a maximum of emotions… To make a fascinating trip on immense open spaces of the Universe and to have feeling of zero gravity it is possible by means of a space simulator of new generation of SPACE-Motion. At the expense of a modern covering from composite material and futuristic design the entertaining attraction draws attention of curious public. Having appeared in the pilot’s cabin, the subjugator of extraterrestrial civilizations investigates the remote corners of the Galaxy, will engage with space pirates and will execute the main figures of pilotage.

The gaming equipment represents a collapsible design which with ease can be transported from one point in another and to establish on any equal surface. For transportation will enough use the low-tonnage “Gazelle” truck.

SPACE-Motion will become the successful decision for successful business, after all the industry of entertainment is one of the most profitable fields of activity.

Technical characteristics
  Tension of alternating current 220±10% / 50Гц  
  Power consumption (peak) 6,5 kW  
  Power consumption (nominal) 3,0 kW  
  Weight 580 kg  
  Height (in an initial state) 220 cm  
  Width (in an initial state) 250 cm  
  Length (in an initial state) 230 cm  
  Height (during the movement) to 260 cm  
  Width (during the movement) 250 cm  
  Length (during the movement) to 235 cm  
  Diameter of a safety zone (not less) 300 cm  


1 690 000 rub.


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