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Attraction of “Kiber-Zona” on the basis of virtual points of HTC Vive
– metal framework / pavilion size (width 3m/height 2,7m/depth 3m)
– a banner of 3 pieces (placement of your logo is possible)
– rack of management
– the system unit under VR
– a set of the wireless keyboard with a mouse
– a basic set the “Helmet of virtual reality of HTC Vive” consisting from: points of VR, 2kh wireless controlers, 2 base stations, connecting cable and block
– speaker system of 2:1 (sabvufer+kolonka)
– the device for free movement (the retractor for system of subweight of wires)




30 games which can be filled up are integrated into a set of an attraction leaning on statistical data of sales of an attraction.

To download and establish new game, absolutely simply, in open access today of 640 games in different genres (an action / horror / simulator / a role-playing game / the mixed genres / adventure / India / sport / nurseries / teaching tool).

Game cost from 76 rubles – to 2000 rubles, payment and installation of game is carried out by means of a private office.
The main profit of an attraction of “Kiber-Zona”, is reached at the expense of a large number of the spent player’s time in VR space (the average duration of visitors on an attraction makes of 20 – 35 minutes), and qualitative content promotes repeated sales.

The term of production of an attraction of 2-3 weeks, the equipment is set up and ready to work.

Date of performance of the order of 2-3 weeks

Cost is 295.000 rubles

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