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interactive attraction of conducting air fights

Attraction of air fights of Fly Motion    

If to you to liking heavenly adventures, abrupt bends and fascinating flights under difficult weather conditions, entertaining attractions of Fly Motion are created especially for you. To feel the real expert who is writing out the most difficult figures of pilotage on air open spaces the pilot’s cabin which is easily rotating round its pivot-center helps. Thanks to the highest level of feeling of reality experts equate an attraction of air fights of Fly Motion to the professional exercise machines installed at flight schools. And unlike the real planes the control of the device does not demand special skills and is carried out by means of the joystick of aviation type. All events on the modern 3D screen, completely coincide with the movements of a chair. The virtual reality of Fly Motion is not deprived also tactile feelings. The user on himself will be able to experience difficulty of piloting during a strong wind, a thunder-storm, dense clouds and at damage of the plane.

The aviasimulator is excellent option of carrying out leisure therefore it is possible to buy an attraction for various purposes. Fly Motion will become an excellent gift for the friend, not indifferent to the sky and the flying device dreaming to carry out the real flight at a steering wheel, or unique means of an embodiment business of idea. This entertaining equipment is convenient in use, is very compactly and easily transported.

Fly Motion is everything that is necessary for profitable commercial activity.

Technical characteristics
Quantity of seats

the single

Restriction of “pilot” on growth and weight


without restrictions

Restriction of “pilot” on age

on reaching 12 years

Restriction of “pilot” on health

medical contraindications of the general physical character

Sizes of a platform (safety zone)

not less 3800kh3500mm

Overall dimensions

avia simulator (maximum) at operation

length – 2220mm

width – 2000mm

height – 2270mm

Aviasimulator operating mode (hours per day)

without restrictions

Power supply tension 220B 50gts
Power consumption

2,5 KW (the peak – to 4,0kvt)

Overall dimensions at storage (without the movement) length – 2220mm

width – 1890mm

height – 1835mm

Overall dimensions (maximum) when transporting in a collected state (without TV) in a body of the Gazelle truck:

length – 2220mm

width – 1740mm

height – 1835mm

Overall dimensions (minimum) when transporting in the sorted state (the basis, a fork, a cabin, the TV) in a body of the Gazelle truck:

length – 2220mm

width – 1740mm

height – 1240mm

The mass of an aviasimulator in a collected state

no more – 320kg


1 580 000 rub.

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