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Extreme simulator

Extreme simulator of Delta Motion

Whether it is possible to imagine conquest of a boundless heavenly distance without use of modern aircraft? It appears to open the new horizons, it is not required to take pleasure in unforgettable air walk and to feel dizzy flight in the boundless sky long training in subtleties of management of a hang-glider. It is enough to visit the extreme simulator of Delta Motion developed by the Russian experts. These attractions for entertainment, are capable to present to the visitor the unique feelings of freedom and bright emotions increasing adrenaline level in blood.

Delta Motion is not viewing of beautiful video clips on the screen. This full control of the device by means of own movements. And also:

  • complete control over flight;
  • independent choice of a route;
  • high-quality imitation of an air stream;
  • improbable feeling of flight with the review on 360 °;
  • use of unique model of a helmet of virtual reality and the special fan imitating wind force.

New business the idea practically guarantees receiving profit in the first months as there will be a huge great number of persons interested to be influenced by Delta Motion.

Technical characteristics

Tension of alternating current 220-230 V / 50 Hz
Current, no more 16 A
Power consumption (peak) 850 W
Power consumption (nominal) 600 W
Air temperature +10 – +40°C
Weight  >100 kg
Height (in an initial state) 2300 mm
Width (in an initial state) 4100 mm
Length (in an initial state) 2200 mm
Diameter of a safety zone, not less 4500 mm
Operation term 3 years


480 000 Rub.

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