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Interactive attraction 5D-Motion

One of the most popular novelties in the sphere 5D of movie theaters is the interactive device 5D-Motion. Ultramodern development allows visitors of the amusement park to test improbable impressions of a virtual trip on a roller coaster or flight on a hang-glider. The special glasses and wireless earphones with three-dimensional sounding which are included in the package of the four-seater gaming equipment help to feel realness of the events.

The innovative Italian-Russian project which does not have analogs in the world can become an embodiment in reality excellent business of idea with small financial investments. For immersion of visitors in virtual reality it will only be required to establish an entertaining attraction 5D-Motion in well passable place. The stylish design and advanced model of a hydraulic platform will perfectly look in large shopping center.

In our company you will be able to buy an attraction 5D-Motion at quite available cost and to receive the desirable equipment in the shortest possible time. We guarantee free service and maintenance within the first year of operation.

Tension of alternating current 380B/50gts
Chair tilt angle 17******
Mass of an attraction 420 kg
Quantity of seats 4
The demanded power 8 kW
Width 260 cm
Length 150 cm
Height (during the movement) to 200 cm

Advantages of the business project:

– Innovative project. 5D-Motion – a first-ever interactive 5D attraction. It is the innovative italo-Russian project which analogs do not exist.

– Free service and maintenance. The manufacturing plant provides a guarantee on 5D-Motion and carries out free guarantee maintenance of an attraction. Guarantee period makes 1 year.

1 550 000 rub.

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