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Mobile 5D movie theater

Mobile 5D movie theater. Attraction of virtual reality

The mobile 5-6-7-8-9D movie theater is excellent business idea for the enterprising people dreaming to visit all cities and settlements of our immense homeland. For coverage of large audience and success of commercial activity the businessman should think over only carefully a route of “tours”, and all the rest will make an attraction of virtual reality. The mobile 5D movie theater is in the increased demand and for curious children, and for the adults wishing non-standard rest. Pleasant interior design, the large-format screen with the volume image, the modern stereosystem with an ideal sound and tremendous special effects will overshadow pressing problems and with the head will dip into an interesting plot of the movie.

Some options of the organization mobile 5-6-7-8-9D movie theaters allow to choose the most convenient. One prefer to buy the attraction of virtual reality which is built in in the Gazelle, others – on the basis of the Urals Kupava trailer. Invariable is an equipment set:

– four-seater hydraulic platform;

– large-format screen;

– video projectors;

– set of special effects (wind, pouring rain, thunder-storm, lightning, smell of flowers);

– speaker system;

– system of reproduction of the image.


It is possible to establish such amusement park absolutely on any place of a mass congestion of people. During the winter period of time the shopping center, and in summer – the embankment of the popular resort town will be ideally suited for work. At competent approach payback will not make mobile 5D movie theaters over a year.

Splashes in a face

In a set

Wind in a face

In a set

Flashes of lightnings

In a set


In a set


30 000 rub.


25 000 rub.


20 000 rub.

Soap bubbles

20 000 rub.

Trailer base

1 840 000 rub.

Your car

1 340 000 rub.


System of video surveillance online

+ monitor cost

20 000 rub.
System of collecting statistics

goes on the server or e-mail

20 000 rub.

Return call