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Movie theater 5D of new generation

5d movie theater

Attractions of virtual reality the most popular of which is 5d movie theater became the real break in the field of entertainments. Together with heroes of short films the film fans who settled down in a convenient chair have opportunity to subdue space open spaces, to plunge on an ocean floor, to fall in a bottomless abyss and to make arrival on a racing race car on the most high-speed route of the world. The combination of computer graphics with the three-dimensional image, powerful acoustics and a moving platform in cinema 5d allows to receive fantastically bright emotions and unforgettable impressions of reality of the events. The entertaining attraction supplied with the modern equipment influences all sense organs, creating feeling of a wind, pouring rain, sea splashes and perception of various aromas.

If to buy 5d in our company, the businessman will be able is guaranteed to strengthen positions of the business in the industry of entertainment. After all visitors 5d movie theater for insignificant cost will be able to make a trip to incredibly fantastic world. The price on 5d on a pocket to any resident of the small town or large megalopolis.



Splashes in a face

In a set

Wind in a face

In a set

Flashes of lightnings

In a set


In a set


30 000 rubles.


25 000 rubles.


20 000 rubles.

Soap bubbles

20 000 rubles.
System of video surveillance online

+ monitor cost

20 000 rubles
System of collecting statistics

goes on the server or e-mail

20 000 rubles


5 places of 2 degrees of freedom

1 120 000 rub.

7 places of 2 degrees of freedom

1 220 000 rub.

4 places of 3 degrees of freedom

1 260 000 rub.

7 places of 3 degrees of freedom

1 360 000 rub.


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