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Tribute to the senior generation!

Dear friends, today’s news Aktobe who got will go about our dear neighbors from the Republic of Kazakhstan and established the SILT-2 aviasimulator.

Alzhanov Batyrgaly Amangeldiyevich deserves our attention, subjects that in good style a patriotic orientation having carried to registration of an entertaining zone of an attraction and urged to establish the image of the fellow countryman on the SILT-2 aviasimulator cabin – Twice the Hero of the Soviet Union of the legendary pilot attack plane of the general major of aircraft Talgat Yakupbekovich Begeldinov.

Here one of days of a legend of aircraft: Talgat Yakupbekovich Begeldinov.

Two o’clock in the afternoon, having overcome 2 belts of antiaircraft defense, the Soviet group consisting of 6 attack planes left on the opponent’s bombers under cover of fighters. “Messera” rushed across to our six – 12 fighters against 6 Soviet attack planes. In air unequal fight began to spin.

One of Germans attacking Begeldinov from below for some moment jumped out forward. Talgat pressed a trigger of guns and saw how the fighter a stone departed to the earth. But also Begeldinov’s attack plane too sustained serious damage to this fight. Talgat needed to turn back, but he could not make it, as ahead a main goal – enemy field airfield, on which more than 100 bombers and fighters. The Soviet pilots quickly turned it fields into the sea of fire, and having performed a task took a back course.

From – for the received injury Begeldinov’s plane began to lose speed and to keep in a system it was almost impossible. Having noticed the lagged behind, covered with wounds Il-2, Fokkerov steam decided to take it in pincers and to put on the airfield. But the Soviet pilot also did not think to execute commands of fighters. Then planes of the opponent were developed and started shooting an attack plane. Machine gun fire stitched the motor and a cabin. The engine lit up. The pilot and the shooter jumped out on parachutes…

Some days our heroes made the way to a front line, on the way natykayas on the German posts and accepting fight with fascists, and then disappearing from prosecution about 3 hours stayed up to a throat in a bog. Unfortunately already before the front line, having run into a minefield, the shooter – Begeldinov’s workmate was lost.

Further Talgat had to reach to one the coast of the Seversky Donets and to float in the cold, burning a body water under mad firing of Germans. In water wounded him in the left hand, and the become wet clothes pulled to a bottom. Having reached the opposite coast, fainting, Begeldinov Talgat fell to stones. The pilot was found by our infantrymen and brought in a dugout.

The SEMZ-Vympel company joins this nice tradition – to esteem real heroes and thanks for the shown Alzhanov Batyrgaliya Amangeldiyevich’s initiative